About Us

We use exclusieve handmade fabrics to give ordinary items an Unique look. For example, the Beautiful Otomi fabric.This fabric is very exclusive. It is hand embroidered by the Otomi people from Hidalgo, Mexico. The pieces are also often called Tenangos. They use 100% natural cotton and draw the design on it.

After that they embroider with natural coloured cotton their traditional designs of animals and flowers in vibrant colours. It is a time consuming process. A piece of 2 x 2 meter will take them 6-9 months to finish.

After that I use this beautiful fabric to to change ordinary home decor items into Unique pieces.

Or the amazing colourful fabrics from Chiapas and Oaxaca.

For now I manly use Mexican fabric, because I live in Mexico City and fell in love with the  vibrant colours of this beautiful land. I have been doing this for the last years and are very happy that I can share my love for these beautiful fabrics and amazing craft can share with the world through my webstore.


I work closely with the local artisan people toe achieve the highest quality.

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 Petra Veerman, Owner and designer.